Our Team

JOSH_PORTRAIT_SML.jpg               Josh Cullinan, Secretary

Josh brings 15 years experience representing workers in diverse industries - from major production, to higher education, to retail and fast food. Josh worked at Woolworths for three years and across a range of service stations. A successful campaigner, Josh's campaign for casual workers won the ACTU Best Workplace Campaign Award in 2013. Josh has led advocacy which has returned millions of dollars in wages to workers, and stopped union busting in its tracks. In 2015, Josh raised the red flag over the Coles agreement and his work was instrumental in exposing the massive theft of penalty rates across the Retail and Fast Food sectors. Now he leads the fight for members of the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union. Email Josh at secretary@raffwu.org.au 




James Searle, Treasurer

James has 10 years experience working in the Retail and Fast Food industry, including at Pizza Hut, Coles and Woolworths. Like so many others, James has experienced the impact of stolen penalty rates. As a student activist, James led successful campaigns to restore funding to student union representation and welfare services - and to return important facilities and amenities lost as a result of voluntary student unionism. In 2012, James fought for and won fair treatment and pay for casual workers and in 2015 James successfully fought to prevent the privatisation of a campus co-operative. James is an advocate for grassroots democracy and is currently a local government councillor. Email James at treasurer@raffwu.org.au 



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