Petition to Guarantee Full Rate of Pay

On 28 November 2016, Greens MP Adam Bandt tabled the Fair Work Amendment (Pay Protection) Bill which will guarantee any worker who is covered by a dodgy enterprise agreement will at least be paid the minimum they would otherwise earn under the minimum conditions Award. This basic change to the law will immediately protect the pay of over 500 000 workers in the retail and fast food sectors. Those workers currently lose well over $300 million per year because of dodgy deals which cut penalty, overtime, shift and other rates of pay. Sign this petition and get involved in our campaign to Take Back Our Penalty Rates!


To the leaders of all major political parties in the Australian Parliament, we call on you to immediately support the Greens proposed Fair Work Amendment (Pay Protection) Bill. It will return hundreds of millions of dollars in wages taken from retail and fast food workers by guaranteeing the minimum full rate of pay is paid to all workers, irrespective of any enterprise agreement.

Please protect our pay.

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