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About the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

The Retail and Fast Food Worker's Union is a member driven union fighting for and protecting the pay and rights of workers in the retail and fast food sectors.

Unions have delivered the most important outcomes for workers - from weekends, to safe workplaces, to penalty and overtime rates for working unsocialable hours. However, in the Fast Food and Retail sectors many of the weeknight, weekend, shift and overtime penalty rates were given away by SDA. We need a fighting union to stand up and take back our penalty rates and other conditions.

We bring more than a fighting spirit - we have some of the most skilled advocates and campaigners in Australia today. You are in the best of hands when you join the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union. Whether it be expert advice, strong representation, or determined advocacy, we know how to win.

If you are or were an SDA member, trade up your union membership, pay less and get involved in the most exciting campaigns the retail and fast food sectors have ever seen. If the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union is your first union in your current job, get involved and help bring a fairer deal to your colleagues.