McDonald's Paid Breaks Survey

We know that many McDonald's stores don't give workers paid 10 minute rest breaks for 4 hour or longer shifts.

Called "drink breaks" these are supposed to be 10 minute rest breaks where you can leave the store, or sit in the team room, and do whatever you like! Check your phone, have a breather, grab a bite to eat. It's your time and it's paid to rest - including to have a cup of tea or whatever other drink you might (or might not) have.

Some workers are just not told about this right. You don't have to ask. Your manager is supposed to tell you when to take your break! It's the law.

Workers also get to go to the toilet when they need to, and to have access to safe clean water whenever they need it. Having a drink bottle with you isn't a substitute for a "drink break". You get both!

Our survey is to identify just how widespread the unlawful cutting of these paid breaks is - and to report on how much this is costing workers. Take the survey, get involved!

Do you currently work for McDonald's?