Tribunal Finds Coles Underpaid Workers Supermarket giant Coles underpaid its employees and cut penalty rates in a cosy deal with the shop assistants' union that has cost low paid workers perhaps $70 million a year.

McDonald's Giving Workers Rotten Deal'rotten-deal',-says-nteu-officer/7431168   Fast food restaurant chain McDonald's is being accused of paying staff below award rates.

Workers Win Right to Appeal Coles Decision A Coles supermarket worker has won the first round of a David and Goliath battle which exposes a major union to claims it sold out its own workers.

Coles Workers Take Action Over Deal   A Coles supermarket worker has taken legal action to stop an employment agreement between the supermarket giant and the union representing retail workers, claiming it would leave tens of thousands of supermarket employees out of pocket.

Watchdog Steps In Over Coles' Low Pay Deal With SDA   Supermarket giant Coles might have to pay up to $50 million more per year in wages, after the industrial umpire intervened in a cosy deal with the conservative shop assistants' union that would have underpaid many thousands of workers.